The Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge allows us to more deeply examine our institutional connection with the local, regional, national, and global food system. My research requires me to examine each product we source into our kitchens and rate it according to the tenants of The Real Food Challenge such as; local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane. The ultimate objective is building a more robust economic system for our local and regional food systems that produce “real food.”

Sara Brooks did work in the past which demonstrated that Antioch College is second in the nation in the Real Food Challenge, consuming 56% real food, and is committed to 60% by 2020. 28% of our local food is sourced from the Antioch Farm, nurturing our Farm to Table ethic, and 38%  is sourced locally from suppliers such as Keener Farm, Patchwork Gardens, and the Ed Hill Family Farm

Sara Brooks wrote this document about her findings when she conducted RFC research about Antioch College food.

Read more on the Antioch College Website or The Yellow Springs News, or check out our Institutional Profile on the Real Food Calculator website.

Angelina Rodriguez